‘Do you even know history?’:  Mike Pompeo mocked for claiming it’s ‘dangerous’ to teach America’s founding was ‘racist’
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces the withdrawal from the INF Treaty. (AFP / Eric BARADAT)

Mike Pompeo is being roundly ridiculed after issuing a warning apparently about Critical Race Theory. The 57-year old Christian nationalist, former Trump Secretary of State, and likely 2024 Republican presidential hopeful has been trying to frame himself as the logical successor to Donald Trump. When that didn't work he swung to his comfort zone of being a hard core Christian conservative.

"If we teach that the founding of the United States of America was somehow flawed. It was corrupt. It was racist. That's really dangerous. It strikes at the very foundations of our country," an alarmed Pompeo decreed – forever cementing himself as an authoritarian propagandist.

Many on social media are mocking him, because there's no question that the founding of the United States was flawed and racist. The only question then is, how do we make it better?