Trump brags after women lose abortion rights in Texas: 'We do have a Supreme Court that's a lot different'
Sinclair/screen grab

Former President Donald Trump credited himself after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law that places bounties on women who have had abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

In an interview that is set to air next weekend on Sinclair television stations, host Sharyl Attkisson noted that many people are blaming Trump because he appointed two anti-abortion justices to the high court.

"We do have a Supreme Court that's a lot different than it was," Trump bragged to Attkisson. "Before it was acting very strangely and I think probably not in the interest of our country."

The former president went on to say that he was "studying" the Supreme Court's decision.

"The ruling was very complex and also probably temporary," he opined. "I think other things will happen and that will be the big deal and the big picture. So we'll see what will happen. But we're studying the ruling and we're studying also what they've done in Texas."

"We'll be announcing something over the next week or two weeks," Trump added.

Watch the video below from Sinclair Broadcasting.