Trump's 'trainwreck' lawsuit against CNN could put his lawyers in an awkward spot
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to MSNBC opinion columnist Hayes Brown, Donald Trump has placed his attorneys in an awkward position after getting them to file a $475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN that, should it go to trial, will be compounded by the fact that the lawsuit is meritless and the attorneys know it.

Calling the filing a "trainwreck" based on legal citations that would not hold up to scrutiny, Brown claimed the lawsuit is likely headed nowhere quickly because its central contention is laughable.

With the lawsuit centered on Trump's fury at being compared to Adolf Hitler, Brown was quick to point out, "Former President Donald Trump is not a Nazi. He is not, nor has it been reported that he has ever been, a member of the National Socialist Party. He also is not, in fact, some sort of genetic copy of Adolf Hitler, " before adding, "You see, Trump’s lawyers sued CNN alleging defamation in a Florida federal court Monday. The main focus of their ire? In reporting on their client’s ongoing lies about the 2020 election, CNN has made use of 'persistent association of the Plaintiff to Adolf Hitler and Nazism.'"

Calling the lawsuits a "grave mistake," Brown said the former president's lawyers may rue the day -- if it actually goes to trial -- that they didn't talk him out of it.

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"This suit, Trump’s lawyers say, was made necessary because CNN refused to retract its claims. But as CNN made clear in its response letter to Trump’s lawyers, at no point did the former president's team bother to get into why the network’s anchors, analysts and columnists were willing to say that Trump was lying," he wrote. "Answer: Because he was lying and any attempt to counter that in court by putting those lies into a filing could have consequences for the lawyers who submit them."

Add to Trump's lawyers -- and their actions --becoming a possible focus of the trial, Brown suggests it will blow up on Trump too.

"All told, this is less a case of defamation and more a case of crying 'they were mean to me.' It will not gain Trump the $475 million in damages he is seeking from CNN. And it has proved a window for people like me to remind Americans that Donald Trump does not want to have to prove in court that he’s not a threat to democracy," he wrote.

He then added, "While it would be extremely entertaining to see Trump’s lawyers try to convince a jury that their client and his actions have no comparison with the Nazis' rise to power, the odds that it gets thrown out like his suit against Hillary Clinton was in September are extremely high. And while I had fun reading through this train wreck of an argument, it wasn’t even the best pastiche of legal writing that I’ve read this week: The Onion did it better."

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You can read his entire analysis here.