WATCH: Trump supporter has an anti-gay meltdown over ‘Trump lost’ flag – then plays the victim
Donald Trump hugs flag (Twitter)

A Montana man is playing the victim after he was cited for harassing his gay neighbor over a sign celebrating Donald Trump's election loss.

Video recorded by a doorbell security camera shows Michael Challans slurring his neighbor Tim Mielke as "queer" and other vulgar terms over his anti-Trump flag, telling the man he had moved into a pro-Trump neighborhood, but he said the consequences aren't fair, reported the Independent Record.

"It's retarded," Challans told the newspaper. "I don't see how I could get a ticket. I wasn't even yelling, but was talking loud enough for him to hear me. How could anyone possibly get a ticket for using words?"

The 43-year-old Challans insisted his Helena neighborhood "is a Trump neighborhood," pointing to seven supportive flags on the block, and complained the "Trump lost: LOL" flag flown by Mielke and a pro-Joe Biden flag displayed by another resident were intended to "just stir up problems."

"He is going to fly that flag and he expects no one will say anything to him?" Challans said. "I was in my own yard, and behind my fence. How could anyone get in any trouble for that? He's just antagonizing people to say something to him and then he calls a cop. He causes problems."

The 36-year-old Mielke said he assumed the Trump flags would come down after the former president's election loss, but he put up his anti-Trump flag after that didn't happen -- and he said some neighbors have voiced their support while others have gone so far as to try to run him off the road.

"I just was sick of the entire neighborhood looking like it was for Trump," Mielke said. "I wanted to let people know other views existed."