Nicolle Wallace breaks down the ‘smoking-gun evidence’ presented at Trump’s impeachment trial
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace broke down the latest in Donald Trump's second impeachment trial during a break in the proceedings on Wednesday.

"Another break in the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump after another presentation by House impeachment managers -- featuring Donald Trump's own words and tweets as smoking-gun evidence of his enthusiasm for violence and his specific and pointed request to his own supporters and some of the very groups who showed up on January 6th to stop the transfer of power," Wallace explained."To do so by, 'different rules' and to 'fight.' He said, 'fight' 20 times in this speech, hours before the insurrection."

Wallace noted "we were reminded of Trump's enthusiasm for violence and I wonder if this pattern of enthusiasm for violence, he also made comments at his own rallies that he liked people to be roughed up, he'd pay the legal bills if any of his supporters roughed up any protesters. There's been a real -- Donald Trump has always been public and has let us know that he's personally titillated by violence. That seemed to play an important role in the presentation today."


Nicolle Wallace