Michael Cohen paints grim portrait of what awaits John Eastman for protecting Trump
John Eastman (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, former Donald Trump fixer Michael Cohen attempted to offer advice to attorney John Eastman who is facing likely criminal charges for trying to help the former president steal the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking with host Yasmin Vossoughian, Cohen -- who lost his law license and spent time in jail due to his work for Trump -- said it is inevitable that Trump will disassociate himself from Eastman before "throwing him under the bus."

"You don't want to be me, you don't to be that guy, self-surrendering to any FCI institution in this country," he began. "One of the things that I can assure you that is going to occur here -- look already, there are articles written, like Rolling Stone did one, as Donald was talking about John Eastman, about distancing himself."

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"As a result of what is going on, John Eastman is bringing -- this is the greatest part -- he's bringing negative attention and media coverage to Donald's inner sanctum and what went on there January 6th at the insurrection," he continued. "Now, what John Eastman did was, like with me, at the direction and for the benefit of Donald Trump. And Donald goes on and, what is the next thing? It's the disparagement; he's going to say he barely knows him. That, you know, he hardly knows him and anything that John Eastman or Jeffrey Clark did was done at their own volition."

"And then, of course, destroy the lives," he elaborated. "You're going to see these people in the same situation that I was in, self-surrendering to an institution and being away from your family, friends, losing your life, losing your happiness, your family's happiness, and I'm trying to -- if they're listening to this, please listen to my warning -- I'm telling you, you will be in the same situation."

"Welcome to under the bus club," he added.

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