Donald Trump Jr. dismisses mass shootings as 'statistically very insignificant' in call to fight Biden agenda
First son Donald Trump, Jr. (screengrab)

During remarks at a gun mega-store in Georgia on Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. said parts of the Biden agenda that are "being pushed on us" show "why the Second Amendment is so important."

Trump Jr. also dismissed mass shootings as "statistically very insignificant," and criticized the treatment of Capitol insurrectionists who remain in jail.

"Asked about defending gun rights in the wake of mass shootings, Trump Jr. said that gang violence and movements to rein in police cause many more deaths," according to a report from the Marietta Daily Journal.

"In terms of, as a percentage of crime, it's like nothing, right? ... It's statistically very insignificant," Trump Jr. said. "That's not saying that we want to allow those things to happen. Obviously, that's not the case. But they're (the left) able to manipulate the data."

Referring to himself as a "Fifth Avenue redneck," Trump Jr. reportedly addressed about 50 people at Adventure Outdoors, a "massive" gun store and firing range, prior to attending a rally with Georgia Lt. Gov. candidate Burt Jones.

Speaking without notes at Adventure Outdoors, Trump Jr. focused mostly on gun rights, according to the report.

Detailing his gun-rights activism in the first year of the Biden administration, Trump Jr. said: "As I see the other parts of the agenda that are being pushed on us, you realize and understand why the Second Amendment is so important."

While he steered mostly clear of "big lie" conspiracy theories, Trump Jr. said in response to a question about "election integrity" that "we need people in the state legislatures, people in those positions of power in government, that have the guts to actually stand up."

Trump Jr. told the crowd that he personally underestimated Biden, claiming his father's successor has "destroyed" America in only eight months.

"America may have to hit rock bottom to realize that maybe (former president Trump's) tweets weren't so bad," Trump Jr. said, prompting laughter.