Donald Trump Jr. demands Washington Post reporter investigate Antifa and 'indoctrinating' teachers in latest rant
Donald Trump Jr. (screengrab).

In a rant uploaded to the internet Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. threw a fit over the Washington Post article revealing the identity of Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the right-wing "Libs of TikTok" account, which has been featured in Fox News and used to get LGBTQ teachers fired from their jobs.

The twice-impeached former president's son took particular aim at Taylor Lorenz, the reporter who helped investigate the story.

Lorenz, notably, did not reveal Raichik's address or contact information in the story, taking care not to post information that would actually put her in danger — but Trump Jr. still referred to it as "doxxing" and went on an incensed tirade that anyone would investigate the source of a right-wing harassment account.

"[Lorenz is] not showing up to Antifa homes and saying, hey, you looted, murdered, rioted, stole, arson, whatever, like, none of that," said Trump Jr. "She's not showing up to the teachers and saying, hey, it seems pretty clear you're trying to indoctrinate children. She won't question them. She shows up to a parody account! I mean, this should be grounds for a restraining order. After sobbing on TV two weeks ago, claiming she's been a victim of 'harassment,' she shows up at the house of relatives of just ordinary citizens and badgered them, according to the account. So, bullies are now claiming to be bullied!"

"It never ends, folks," said Trump Jr. "We've got to call out this hypocrisy. We've got to say, enough is enough. Okay? This is a billion-dollar industry. These are the people that work for them. You know, Taylor Lorenz doxxed Pam Geller's daughters, okay? They weren't involved in any political activism. And then she can cry about it, then all of mainstream media will get on her — you know, behind her and back her and they stand with her. This is not journalism. It's doxxing and smearing of a private citizen by a billionaire-controlled political entity, as far as I'm concerned, right? Antifa activists do this stuff."

Watch below:

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