Trump is suffering 'death by a thousand lashes' as his crimes catch up to him: Mary Trump
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

During an appearance on the Daily Beast's "New Abnormal" podcast, the niece of Donald Trump was asked what lies in store for her famous uncle as the new year begins, and she explained that he is being overwhelmed by his legal travails.

Speaking with hosts Andy Levy and Danielle Moodie, psychologist Mary Trump explained that it is not certain that the former president will actually be indicted and convicted as the result of the multiple investigations, but that he will suffer continuous blows and humiliations as more evidence comes out against him.

Asked how he is taking the daily onslaught of Jan. 6 revelations and scrutiny into his tax avoidance from 2015 to 2020, Mary Trump claimed it is likely wearing him down.

“Although there is some sense of poetic justice that we seem to have reached, you could call it a tipping point—and I said this a long time ago—it’s going to be, and I mean this figuratively of course, death by a thousand lashes,” she stated before adding a cautionary note.

As she pointed out, nothing that has come out so far has kept him from announcing a 2024 presidential run and still raking in cash.

"Even though it looks bad on paper and isn't really having much of an impact—well, I’m sure it’s having a lot of an impact on his mood—but it’s not having any impact on his ability to roam free in the world," she told the hosts.

Pointing out that despite "fomenting an insurrection," and "spreading the big lie" and absconding with sensitive government documents and taking them to Mar-a-Lago she added, "He’s still not just running free, he’s still raising tens of millions of dollars every month,” she continued before adding, “and what is it he’s doing [with that money]? He’s running for president, for Christ sake.”

You can listen here.