'Despair in the party' after Trump hands PA governorship to Democrats with Mastriano pick
Doug Mastriano. (US Army photo)

According to Politico's Holly Otterbein, Donald Trump's decision to endorse Pennsylvania lawmaker and Jan 6th participant Doug Mastriano to be the GOP nominee for his state's governorship -- all but ensuring the controversial lawmaker will win the primary on Tuesday -- was met with dismay among Pennsylvania Republicans.

With former Trump adviser David Urban bluntly stating on CNN he saw no path for the "too hot, too far right" lawmaker to win in November, Politico adds that the endorsement by the former president has GOP leaders gnashing their teeth admitting Mastriano has no chance of beating presumptive Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro,

According to the Politico report, "Top Republicans this week mounted a last-ditch effort to stop Mastriano from winning the party nomination in the May 17 primary. But those efforts have seemingly failed. Some now-former candidates polling in the single digits have dropped out and endorsed former Rep. Lou Barletta in recent days, including state Senate President Jake Corman. But the split at the top of the field, combined with Mastriano’s new endorsement from Trump, will likely doom that effort."

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Less than an hour after Trump announced his pick via his spokesperson's Twitter account, Politico's Otterbein revealed that she has already heard from Republicans in Pennsylvania and they were not happy at all with the former president.

"Trump endorsing Mastriano means 'Shapiro just became the next governor & I don’t mean that hyperbolically,' one top PA GOP aide told me," she wrote.

She added, "Another PA Republican predicted "despair" in the party in response to the news."

You can see her tweets below: