Trump is trying to change the story about overturning the election — but memo proves he's lying: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump (AFP)

Behind the scenes, President Donald Trump and his legal representatives were pressing officials in Georgia and Arizona to overturn the vote of the people for the 2020 election. It became so bad at one point that Trump was even recorded speaking to Georgia officials demanding they "find" the votes necessary, effectively committing voter fraud.

What happened between Trump and the Georgia officials is being investigated by the Fulton County district attorney. Meanwhile, Trump is trying to revise the story, saying that he didn't want Vice President Mike Pence to overthrow the 2020 election he just wanted Pence to throw it back to the states.

The two-page memo from Trump's lawyer, John Eastman, makes it clear that there was not only a discussion but an actual documented plan to overturn the election.

See Haberman's tweet below: