'We're coming for you': Jan. 6 committee serves notice to Trump they're 'ratcheting up pressure'
Donald Trump (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Taking Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) at her word, CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza claimed on Friday morning that the Wyoming conservative left no doubt that Donald Trump should not expect the House committee investigating Jan. 6 riot to be resting on their laurels as Congress heads for summer recess.

With Cheney announcing on Thursday night, "Doors have opened. New subpoenas have been issued and the dam has begun to break," the CNN analyst interpreted that as, "The message to Trump was simple: We're coming for you."

With MSNBC reporting that the House select committee has plans for at least three more public hearings on the Jan 6th Capitol riot incited by the former president, Cillizza maintained that pressure on Trump "will ratchet up" as more witnesses come forward as the committee expands their investigation.

As evidence of Cheney's persistence, he noted that she was at the forefront of pressuring White House counsel Pat Cipollone to come forward which has paid off handsomely for the investigation.

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"Less than two weeks later, Cipollone testified in a closed-door meeting with the committee. His video testimony has been used extensively by the committee in its two most recent hearings," he wrote before adding, "Cheney used that same bully pulpit to get Trump's attention on Thursday night. And again, it worked," with Trump ranting on Truth Social late Thursday, "Liz Cheney is a sanctimonious loser. The Great State of Wyoming is wise to her. Why not show the tapes, or interview, those that, with evidence, challenge the election?"

According to the CNN analyst, Cheney's habit of dropping bombshells at the end of hearings -- including cliffhanger hints of witnesses to come -- is a calculated move.

"The more cornered Trump feels, the more likely he is to make a mistake. That's what Cheney is banking on," he explained.

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