Trump blasted by CNN doctor for 'completely insane' decision to hide getting a vaccine
President Donald Trump at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster (screengrab)

On CNN Monday, Dr. Jonathan Reiner tore into former President Donald Trump following reports that he secretly received a COVID-19 vaccine in his final month of office, without publicizing it.

"In a similar fashion to the politicization of masks, we've seen the same thing now to a little bit of a lesser degree, but nonetheless there with the vaccines," said Reiner. "Another poll by the Gallup Organization last week asked people if a vaccine was available for them right now would they take it? And 91 percent of Democrats said yes. 51 percent of Republicans said yes. So we must close that gap. So what an opportunity for the most respected Republican, the former president of the United States, to make a big statement, to be publicly seen getting vaccinated. Yet he did not do that. Why would he not do that?"

"It gives him a chance to brag," interjected anchor Brianna Keilar. "Two of these were approved under his watch."

"Right. Take a victory lap," said Reiner. 'So why wouldn't the former president do that? It is either something like he didn't want to estrange the vaccine denier population of his base, or something completely insane, which is he didn't want to roll up his sleeve in public? The net result is incredibly destructive. We saw what happened when he cast doubt on the utility of masks last year. Without the president's very visible assent to vaccines, it has just a devastating result on the acceptance of vaccines in people who doubt it right now."

Watch below: