'Unfit': PA Republicans devolve into 'childish' 4 am 'trash talk' against opponents
Many Republicans think Doug Mastriano is 'a threat to democracy' and secretly 'hope Dems win': Ex-Ted Cruz aide

Pennsylvania Republican candidates began their trash-talking at 4 a.m. Monday morning, with Doug Mastriano lashing out at Attorney General Josh Shapiro over the gubernatorial debates.

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted Mastriano's name-calling of Shapiro as a "little man," presumably a play on Donald Trump's attack on "Little Marco" Rubio. Shapiro refused to participate in a debate moderated by a former aide to Donald Trump, saying it was a "stunt."

Mastriano made it clear that he wouldn't agree to a standard debate format with an independent moderator, saying it would be "unfair" and a "trap" for him.

“It’s sad but not surprising that the most extreme, out-of-touch candidate in Pennsylvania history would spend his time tweeting childish insults at four in the morning rather than answering real questions from local journalists,” said Will Simons, Shapiro's spokesperson. “But it’s yet another reminder that he’s completely unfit to be our Governor.”

Meanwhile, doctor-turned-TV-celebrity Mehmet Oz has been complaining about Lt. Gov. John Fetterman refusing to participate in a debate that was slated to be this week. Fetterman withdrew from the debate after Oz published a statement saying they would "pay for additional medical personnel [Fetterman] might need on standby." It was an attack on Fetterman who suffered a stroke in the spring.

“I will not be participating in a debate the first week of September, but look forward to having a productive discussion about how we can move forward and have a real conversation on this once Dr. Oz and his team are ready to take this seriously,” Fetterman said at the time.

When Oz was chastised for the comment he blamed it on his campaign, acting as if he was not in control of them.

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“The campaign’s been saying lots of things. My position is — I can only speak to what I’m saying," Oz told the radio.

Oz's campaign attacked Fetterman in emails Monday calling him a "coward."

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