'Make a deal with the devil': Christian broadcaster TBN to build 'lifestyle brand' with news show featuring Fox alum
Fox News reporter Doug McKelway (Screen cap).

The world of conservative broadcast journalism as a new show will go up against Fox News, Newsmax, and AON at 7:30 eastern, Axios reported Thursday.

"Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which calls itself the world's largest Christian television broadcaster, is launching a news show called 'Centerpoint' with Fox News alums," Sara Fischer reported. "TBN is looking to build a 'Christian lifestyle brand' rather than just 'preaching and teaching,' TBN VP of Marketing Nate Daniels told Axios."

The show will be anchored by former Fox News alum Doug McKelway and produced by Michael Clemente, also a Fox alum.

"The programming isn't meant to be politically biased, but will lean into Christian values. The show plans to feature newsmakers as guests with the possibility of recurring panelists down the line, McKelway said. Clemente plans to hire more reporters in the future, but will also leverage existing partnerships with TBN's overseas bureaus," Axios reported. "Clemente hopes to launch more news programs."

After James Alex Fields, Jr. murdered Heather Heyer during the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, McKelway glorified him as a "white vigilante."

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After Trump's infamous statement there were "very fine people" on both sides in Charlottesville, a fellow Fox News employee said McKelway sounded like a "white supremacist" trying to defend Trump in a company chatroom.

McKelway then had a full-blown meltdown on Twitter in response to the story.

In 2010, The Washington Post reported McKelway was fired by WJLA-TV for insubordination and misconduct.

The newspaper also reported on a video McKelway posted online when he left Fox News in 2020. In it, he offered advice for "young people" entering broadcast journalism.

“You make a deal with the devil when you work in television news. You make a Faustian bargain,” he says. “You got hired in part because of your looks, and that’s the Faustian bargain. Over time, you start to age. You don’t look as well as you did. And there’s another young crop of young, good-looking, talented people who are making their own Faustian bargain.”