Oprah urged to take responsibility for Dr. Oz: 'Long past time'
Oprah Winfrey attending Barack Obama campaign rally in New Hampshire (Shutterstock)

Oprah Winfrey should take responsibility for bringing Dr. Mehmet Oz to prominence, Dr. Daniel Summers argues.

The Boston-area pediatrician is critical of the television doctor who is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania with the endorsement of Donald Trump.

“Were it not for Oprah, Oz would have played out his career as an eminent and widely respected cardiothoracic surgeon, and everyone would have been better off,” he told The Daily Beast. “His celebrity, and thus his candidacy, stems directly from her own fame and her promotion of him.”

Summers said it is “long past time for her to acknowledge her role in making him what he is, and make some attempt to stop the damage he is causing by repudiating him.”

Meanwhile, Oz is still struggling even with Trump's endorsement.

Politico reports Trump's support "hasn’t erased doubts about his conservative bona fides. Or quelled concerns about his past positions on abortion. Or buried his closest rival. In short, the endorsement hasn’t transformed Pennsylvania’s closely watched GOP Senate primary."