Dr Oz's campaign proves the GOP has gotten lazy about its conspiracy theories: analysis
(G Holland / Shutterstock.com)

Television Dr. Mehmet Oz's U.S. Senate campaign is struggling with its conspiracy theories, according to a new Washington Post analysis.

"By now, hearing Republicans say their opponents have a secret plan to destroy America has become so common, it’s background noise. Donald Trump has turned his Truth Social account into a vehicle for full-blown QAnon lunacy, and even supposedly sane Republicans say President Biden is intentionally laying waste to our nation," Paul Waldman wrote. "But this might have become a trap that Republicans can’t break out of."

He noted a recent interview with Oz complaining about how his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, dresses.

Oz said, "It turns out that if you’re a far-left radical, with the belief that this country is irredeemably stained, you just want to break it apart. Just bust America, crack it to its base, break it asunder, and rebuild it with your toxic ideology. That’s what he stands for. When he dresses like that, it’s not an accident. He’s kicking authority in the balls."

Waldman had harsh criticism for the attack.

"There’s not much reason to believe this attack actually works. It is, however, what the Republican base has been taught to expect — and to apply to every Democrat, no matter who they are," he explained. "Not only have Republican candidates come to rely on conspiracy theories in every context, but they’ve lost all creativity about them. Rather than fitting the conspiracy theory to the candidate they’re opposing, they now fit the candidate to the conspiracy theory."

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