Neo-Nazis threaten 'blood' at Ohio drag event: Report
White supremacists march on Charlottesville, VA during the August 2017 "Unite the Right" rally that left a woman dead. Image via Karla Cote/Creative Commons.

An all-ages drag event in Ohio recently was disrupted by a group of neo-Nazis who chanted "there will be blood."

Newsweek reports that the event, which took place in Wadsworth, Ohio this past weekend, attracted not only neo-Nazis but other anti-LGBTQ groups including local chapters of White Lives Matter and the Proud Boys, both of which reportedly tried to distance themselves from the self-avowed Nazis who shared their distaste for drag events.

In fact, Newsweek notes that spats between the Nazis and the other anti-drag activists got so intense at one point that local police actually had to defend the Nazis from other groups who did not want to be associated with them.

Video of the Nazis at the event was captured by documentary maker Ford Fischer, who captured them making Nazi salutes while chanting, "Sieg Heil!"

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The group also pelted multiple attendees with racist abuse, including a Black reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal who had to stop covering the event due to concerns about his own safety.

Aaron Reed, one of the drag show's organizers, said that the Nazis and other groups had targeted the event as a way to launch broader assaults on the entire LGBTQ community.

"This is where the civil rights struggle of our generation is," he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Drag queens are not necessarily LGBTQ, but the Nazis don't know that. They see them as a symbol of queer folk and whether we like it or not, that's where the hate is focused right now."

Watch the video below or at this link..