'Duck sauce killer' who murdered Chinese food deliveryman over condiment feud takes his own life
Police Tape (AFP)

The Queens man labeled as the "duck sauce killer" after he allegedly gunned down a beloved Chinese-food deliveryman has died by suicide before his court date, the New York Post reports.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, was out on bail when he shot himself just ahead of his scheduled court appearance this Friday. According to The Post, he left behind a rambling suicide note where he proclaimed his innocence in the murder of Zhiewn Yan on April 30.

“We just found out that defendant killed himself," Jennifer Wu, the pro-bono attorney for Yan’s family, told The Post. "Zhiwen Yan’s family is in shock. We ask for privacy, and thank the NYPD and District Attorney for their efforts to seek justice,”

Hirsh was let out of jail on June 27 after his brother put up his $50,000 bail. He had an ongoing dispute with the Great Wall restaurant where Yan was a delivery man, claiming they shorted him on duck sauce for an order placed last year. Hirsch reportedly repeatedly harassed Yan and his co-workers, even showing up to the restaurant one time with a gun.

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