Asian senior citizen hit in the face with bottle during robbery at ATM in San Francisco

A senior citizen in San Francisco is recovering after he was hit in the face with a bottle during a robbery, ABC7 reports.

The 84-year-old man, who only wanted to be identified as Marc, said the incident happened while he was using the ATM at a local bank. A man appeared out of nowhere and yelled, "Give me money! Give me your money! Give me money!"

When Marc reached down to his bag to give the man money, he was hit with the bottle.

Marc's daughter Ana told ABC7 that "deep inside, even though my heart is heavy, there are angels on Earth, including the officer and passerby who came to my dad's rescue."

"They called paramedics and made sure my dad was OK," she said.

Doctors say Marc may have broken sinus bones and may require surgery in the future.

Marc's family, who are Filipino/Chinese, want to shed light on the incident and raise awareness in the community.

"We have hate crimes against Asians and it never hits home until it happens to you or a family member. It just dawns on you this is real and we have to make a stand against these hate crimes," says Ana.

The suspect has not yet been arrested.

Watch a report on the story below: