Elise Stefanik's former persona dogs her far-right bid to take over GOP Conference

Past statements from Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) were resurfaced in a hard-hitting new video by The Lincoln Project.

"I'm committed to being a uniter and a bridge builder," Stefanik said in one clip.

"I bring, I hope, a sunny side of optimism to Congress and a willingness to work with people," she said in another clip.

The group noted her opposition to Trump's Muslim ban, border wall, and comments critical of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

The video contained a clip of former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele.

"Was she full of crap then or is she full of crap now?" Steele asked. "Either way, crap is crap."

"And the best reflection of where the GOP is right now, is they are about to knock out a principled woman for crap. Donald Trump brought the gold toilet into the RNC and everyone thinks it's a pool and they're just diving in," he explained.