'Enraged, infuriated, and stunned': Bill Cosby victim tells CNN she is shocked by his release from prison
Bill Cosby's own confession indicates he purchased drugs to have sex with women.

On CNN Thursday, following disgraced sexual predator Bill Cosby's release from prison on a due process technicality despite over 60 women coming forward with stories of being drugged and assaulted, Victoria Valentino, one of the survivors of his crimes, spoke out.

"Bill Cosby's at home, he's free," said anchor John Berman. "How do you feel about that?"

"Dismayed, enraged, infuriated, and stunned," said Valentino. "We had just received a letter stating that his parole had been denied, and we received that letter preemptively in May. He wasn't due to come up in parole on his 3 to 10-year sentence until September 25th. So it was a shock when we got the letter saying he was preemptively denied parole, but we were, like, yeah. And then this came out of left field. I mean, who would have expected this?"

"It takes courage to come forward after so much time has passed," said Berman. "If you knew this would happen — if you knew he would be released from jail on a technicality, when you made the decision to tell your story, your truth — how would that have affected you?"

"Not at all," said Valentino. "I stand in solidarity with my sister survivors. When I was raped, when I was drugged, kidnapped and raped in 1969 by Bill Cosby, it never occurred to me that it was anyone more than me being stupid, naïve, vulnerable, because my little boy had drowned, I was grieving, I was very vulnerable. But then once I broke my silence and discovered there were all these other women coming out of the woodwork, the same experience, the same pattern of behavior, I felt, my god, this guy is a serial rapist. This was a plan, this was a pattern. So I was really grateful to have found other women who had experienced similar things as I had with him, and we were all finding our voice and standing up for women's rights."

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