'No one who's done more': Eric Trump says his father saved 'religious freedom' from Barack Obama
Eric Trump on Facebook.

Former one-term President Donald Trump's second-eldest son Eric said on a right-wing podcast that his father resurrected religious freedom in the United States from unsubstantiated attacks upon it during his predecessor Barack Obama's eight years in office.

Trump told ReAwaken America tour founder Clay Clark and pseudo-prophet Julie Green:

Thank you for also standing up. And thank you for standing up for, you know, the Lord and Christianity and just religious freedom in general. I mean, something that is massively attacked right now and it's, it's something that I'm actually pretty convinced, I'm gonna get hit for saying this, but coming out of Obama, where we were losing massive amounts of religious liberty in this country, I mean, massive amounts. You, you could hardly even say 'merry Christmas' without being, like, shunned because you might offend somebody who wasn't, you know, Christian, or believe – I mean, it was crazy.

Trump offered no evidence for any of that, but Clark agreed regardless.

"True," he interjected.

Trump then unironically accused "certain politicians" of weaponizing faith to obtain power:

I'm not sure if, if if, you know, organized religion would not be what it is right now, um, if it wasn't for Donald Trump. And he made, you know, a lot of people are, 'well is he a religious guy?' Yeah he’s a religious guy. He might not have worn it on his shirt sleeve the way that certain politicians do, often times, unfortunately – and I have to say this sounds terrible – but, but for votes.

Trump concluded that "there's probably no one who's done more for religious freedom than" his dad, who has privately ridiculed Christians, referred to Muslims as terrorists, and spread stereotypes about Jews.

Watch below or at this link.