Evangelical ally furious with Trump over his attacks against Netanyahu
Trump and Netanyahu AFP / MANDEL NGAN

A new book excerpt published by Forward on Monday revealed that former President Donald Trump treated former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu poorly during his final year in office. Now it's causing problems with evangelical pastors, according to the Washington Post.

The report revealed that former Trump aide Jared Kushner erupted at the Israeli ambassador because he revealed that Netanyahu didn't trust the Trump administration.

“Don’t be mistaken to think that everything that happened in the past three years was for you. We did it because we were serious about peace,” Kushner screamed at Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer, reported Israeli journalist Barak Ravid. “To say such a thing about us is disgusting. Get out.”

When Dermer asked to speak with Trump, Berkowitz told him, “The president doesn’t like you guys now.”

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The report revealed Trump screaming "f*ck him," at Netanyahu and accusing him of being disloyal. Trump was reportedly enraged because Netanyahu recognized that Joe Biden won the presidency, congratulating him in a video. He also accused Netanyahu of never actually wanting peace.

The Post explained that evangelical allies of Trump are beginning to question his behavior with the Israeli leaders.

"Mike Evans, one of Trump’s early evangelical backers, said he was “horrified” by the sentiments and said they would offend significant numbers of evangelical voters," said the report.

He sent a letter to Trump that he also gave to the Post, threatening, "Benjamin Netanyahu has much greater support among evangelicals in America than you.”

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“Please, I beg of you, don‘t put us in the position to choose between you and Bible land,” the letter continued. “There is no possibility you can win again if Bible-believing evangelicals see you as the ‘F*ck Netanyahu’ president who considers Abbas a father-like figure and blames the State of Israel, and not the Palestinians, for not making peace.”

Evans founded the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, which awarded Trump with the "Friend of Zion" prize in 2017. They hung a 40-foot banner saying "God Bless Trump" after he moved the embassy.

Former Liberty University official Johnnie Moore said that while Bibi is extremely popular among evangelicals, there is a difference between the way the two men are viewed in the community.

“He would have lost the election if it wasn‘t for me,” Trump said in his rant, a reference to the Golan announcement made before Netanyahu's 2019 election.

“I haven’t spoken to him since,” Trump is quoted saying of Netanyahu.

Netanyahu explained that it was important for him to congratulate the new president because the two countries have a long-standing alliance. He thanked Trump for his dedication to Israel.

Read the full report at the Washington Post.