'Hijacking of God': Former pastor buries right-wing evangelicals for turning vaccines into a 'culture war'
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On CNN Tuesday, former Pastor Curtis Chang — a strong proponent of vaccines — blasted right-wing Christians who are seeking to use their religion as a shield against accepting science or responsibility for public health.

"You heard the [Pastor] Greg Locke saying people should use their Bible, and they would come to the conclusion that it's against getting vaccinated," said anchor Erin Burnett. "What do you say to those pastors?"

"Well, notice he never actually cited any Biblical verse to justify that," said Chang. "There isn't. The weight of scripture would compel you to take the vaccine even if you don't need it yourself. For somebody who is trying to actually care for the vulnerable, students who can't get vaccinated, an immune-compromised patient, a customer who is elderly maybe more at risk. The love of neighbors should compel you from scripture to take the vaccine."

He then went into further detail about why being anti-vaccine has no basis in scripture.

"There is no Biblical warrant for resisting the vaccine and in fact, our project, Christians produced video after video debunking and refuting attempts by conservatives to hijack Biblical values to justify anti-vaccination, and that's really what is going on," continued Chang. "It is a hijacking of God and belief in God to justify a position that actually stems from the culture wars of our day. It does not stem from the Bible or from scripture tradition, and it really bring God into a place to justify one's own personal beliefs."

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Pastor Curtis Chang says religious vaccine objections are a "hijacking of God" www.youtube.com