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ABC yanks, replaces story in which GOP Rep. suggests Clinton impeachment bid linked to Nixon's fall



ABC News in Chicago has yanked and replaced a story in which retiring Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) indicated that the attempt to impeach President Clinton came in retaliation for the move to impeach President Nixon because they felt the story was too opinionated, RAW STORY has learned.

The piece was removed from the ABC Chicago affiliate's (WLS) website Friday because the network felt it had too much commentary by the author, a staffer says. The affiliate also took down a video which included comments from Hyde.

“It was much more commentary than was necessary," a source inside ABC 7 Chicago told RAW STORY Friday morning.

Asked if the story was removed because the piece was editorialized, the staffer said "yes."

The staffer said ABC News is currently "researching" the details of the story, and expected to repost it when the article has been revised.

"We are researching it," the source quipped. The story has since been reposted in a different form.

The original said Hyde "made some surprising comments Thursday on the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton..."

"Asked if 'the Clinton proceedings were payback for Nixon's impeachment," Hyde said, 'I can't say it wasn't."

The piece is now back on the website, but the focus and title has changed; it is titled "Rep. Hyde reflects on 30 years of office."

The video, however, has not been replaced.



Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon, says retiring congressman
By Andy Shaw

April 21, 2005 — Republican Congressman Henry Hyde made some surprising comments Thursday on the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton.

He now says Republicans may have gone after Clinton to retaliate for the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

In an exclusive interview Hyde said he might not try to impeach President Clinton if he had it to do all over again.

When asked if he would go through with the Clinton impeachment process again, Hyde said he wasn't sure. It turned into a personal and political embarrassment for Hyde when an extra-marital affair he had in the 1960's became public amid accusations of hypocrisy. He called the affair a youthful indiscretion.

"Accusations hurled at me to intimidate me were misplaced, and I regret having to deal with them, but they didn't intimidate me," Hyde said.

The veteran DuPage County congressman acknowledged that Republicans went after Clinton in part to enact revenge against the Democrats for impeaching President Richard Nixon 25 years earlier.

Andy Shaw asked Hyde if the Clinton proceedings were payback for Nixon's impeachment.

"I can't say it wasn't, but I also thought that the Republican party should stand for something, and if we walked away from this, no matter how difficult, we could be accused of shirking our duty, our responsibility," said Hyde.

Hyde's comments reflect what Democrats have been saying for years about the Clinton impeachment. It will be interesting to see what happens when Hyde's comments hit the national media.

Hyde's style will be missed in Washington, as well as his sense of civility, even though a lot of people will not miss his rigid ideology.

Correction: The original version of this story appeared to suggest that President Nixon was impeached. Articles of impeachment were prepared and advanced but the President resigned before any impeachment measure was passed.

Article originally published Apr. 22, 2005.

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