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Liberal radio host expected to rip MoveOn over ad targeting Dem

By John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor

Liberal talk radio host Ed Schultz is expected to rip this afternoon over a new ad targeting a Democratic congressman, RAW STORY has learned.


A source close to the show told RAW STORY Schultz is upset that the organization would target a "Democratic congressman on a single vote." PAC has launched a near six-figure ad buy against the Democrats' number two in the House, Steny Hoyer, saying he failed progressives by not rallying Democrats against the bankruptcy bill. MoveOn says the bill is a giveaway to special interests such as credit card companies.

Schultz, a source close to the program says, is furious that MoveOn has spent money attacking a Democrat.

"Ed is completely disgusted at this process," the source said. "There are so many other things that MoveOn should be focusing on right now."

The liberal radio host, carried broadly across Middle America, tends towards the center of the party. He took issue with MoveOn in December over an email message about party direction. Listeners agreed with Schultz, saying the group was "too extreme," "too elitist" and "not inclusive enough."

Sources say Schultz is trying to line up Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who was targeted by MoveOn's ads over bankruptcy. They are also trying to get MoveOn PAC's Washington director on the show.

In an interview Saturday, MoveOn Washington director Tom Matzzie said their decision to an air an ad questioning the Democratic leadership was sound.

“We think we need to be an opposition party,” Matzzie told RAW STORY. “It’s not acceptable for a Democratic leader to take a position opposed to protecting the middle class.”

“Mr. Hoyer has a good record on a lot of issues and we like him,” he added. “It’s probably okay for some Democrats to disagree with their party… but it’s never acceptable for a leader in the party… to disagree with the rest of the party on an issue connected to core values like justice for middle class values, especially when it’s such an obvious Republican bill.”

Some on the Hill have questioned the ads' timing, as Democrats' hone in on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) over a morass of ethics scandals. None have agreed to go on the record.

“We’re not the party,” Matzzie said, “We are going to take positions on issues, and we’re going to be true to our members and to America’s middle class families before we acknowledge any sort of notion of Democratic fealty.”

Matzzie says responses from the group's 3.1 million members have been "all positive."

Article originally published Apr. 18, 2005. To read the full interview with director Tom Matzzie and other Democrats' responses, click here.

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