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Rep. Schrock resigns after 'gay phone sex call' surfaces on web


—Get the 33-second phone sex clip on our front page.

August 31—Rep. Ed Schrock, a two-term Republican congressman from Virginia, announced that he would resign abruptly today, citing unspecified allegations.


Those allegations were that he was gay, and that several voicemail messages he left on a phone sex service came into the possession of gay activists, who posted one on their blog.

Schrock said only: “In recent weeks, allegations have surfaced that have called into question my ability to represent the citizens of Virginia’s Second Congressional District.” He would not elaborate on the allegations.

Over the past two weeks, a Washington-based Web site has spread claims that Schrock was gay. Rogers said on his Web site that Schrock had been recorded several years ago using a telephone service on which men place ads to arrange liaisons with other men, the Washington Post reported on page 2 Tuesday.

Michael Rogers, who runs the site, told a local paper he posted the allegations because of what he described as Schrock’s anti-gay voting record.

“No one doubts that it’s him,” Rogers said. “It’s pretty clear that he’s trying to hide from people what the truth is. He had no way out of this.”

Rep. Schrock was one of several dozen to cosponsor the Federal Marriage Amendment of July 2004, which aimed to constitutionally prohibit gay marriage.

The alleged tape one of Schrock’s calls is now available on the Internet, at BlogActive.

Raw Story's transcript of the tape is as follows (click here to access the audio file).

"Uh, hi, I weigh 200 pounds, I'm 6'4" (inaudible) blond hair....very muscular, very buffed up, uh, very tanned, uh, I just like to get together a guy from time to time, just to, just to play. I'd like him to be in very good shape, flat stomach, good chest, good arms, well hung, cut, uh, just get naked, play, and see what happens, nothing real heavy duty, but just, fun time, go down on him, he can go down on me, and just take it from there... hope to hear from you. Bye."

Rep. Schrock was one of several dozen to cosponsor the Federal Marriage Amendment of July 2004, which aimed to constitutionally prohibit gay marriage.

A ranking Daily Kos member noted, "The National Journal ties him as the second most conservative person in all of Congress in 2003, behind only Dennis Hastert. A strong family man with a wife and kids, Schrock was a co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment and opposes any possible rights for gay people, including non-discrimination in employment."

The Virginia Pilot reported in October 2000 that Schrock favored ending the Clinton administration's ''don't ask, don't tell'' policy on gays in the military, BlogActive noted.

"He supports asking enlistees whether they have had homosexual experiences in an effort to to try to keep gays from serving. 'You're in the showers with them, you're in the bunk room with them, you're in staterooms with them,' Schrock said."

Schrock has a 92 percent vote rating from the Christian coalition, a 100 percent voting record for the right to life movement, and a zero percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

Schrock said he would not seek reelection in a press release.

"After much thought and prayer, I have come to the realization that these allegations will not allow my campaign to focus on the real issues facing our nation and region," Schrock said

"Therefore, as of today, I am stepping aside and will no longer be the Republican nominee for Congress in Virginia's Second Congressional District." All three of Rep. Schrock's offices stopped taking phone calls on Friday.

Here's some information on Schrock from his House biography.

Congressman Ed Schrock represents Virginia's Second District which comprises the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk (part) and Hampton (part) and the counties of Accomack and Northampton on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. He was sworn in on January 7, 2003 for a second-term.

In Congress, Mr. Schrock serves on the House Armed Services, Budget, Small Business, and Government Reform Committees. In 2003, Mr. Schrock was chosen to serve as Chairman of the Regulatory Reform and Oversight Subcommittee of the House Committee on Small Business. In this capacity, Mr. Schrock works to address federal regulations and policies that hinder the ability of American small businesses to compete and provide excessive financial and paperwork burdens on small business owners.

Mr. Schrock also serves on four other subcommittees and the Postal Reform Task Force. In his first term in Congress, Mr. Schrock was elected President of the Republican Freshman Class. He founded and remains a co-chair of the House Navy/Marine Corps Caucus and the House Special Operations Forces Caucus. The Navy/Marine Corps Caucus was formed to advocate the issues important to the Navy and Marine Corps, their members and their families. The House Special Forces Caucus supports issues related to Special Operations Forces, including the Navy SEALs, Army Airborne, and Air Force Special Operations.

Ed Schrock was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio and is married to the former Judith Adnee Crawford of Long Beach, California. Judy is retired, after teaching children for almost thirty years, including teaching kindergarten in the Norfolk Public School System for fifteen years. The Schrocks have one son, Randy. They reside in the Witchduck neighborhood in Virginia Beach and are active members of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church.


*** Correction: An earlier headline said that Congressman Schrock had cosponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, which was in error. Schrock cosponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment, a more restrictive measure aimed at constitutionally banning gay marriage, in July 2004.

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