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Conyers calls for Deep Throat resolution

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) has issued a statement announcing that he will introduce a resolution commending Mark Felt for his role in exposing White House involvement in the Watergate scandal. In the statement, he also likens Nixon-era corruption to current political events.


Conyers office issued the following statement:

"As the world now knows, Mr. Felt disclosed this week that he was the confidential source known as Deep Throat. As one who was a first hand witness to Watergate, I can only state humbly that Mr. Felt helped bring our country back from the brink of a constitutional crisis and an out-of-control White House.

"Quite frequently, it is courageous whistle blowers such as Mr. Felt who are responsible for disclosing corruption in our government. I have no doubt that, absent Mr. Felt's involvement, we would never have learned about the illegalities and obstruction of justice at the highest levels of our government, up to and including President Nixon.

"Our nation owes Mr. Felt our gratitude. He was a courageous public servant who risked his career to expose wrongdoing, and he was a model agent and administrator. I therefore believe it is altogether fitting and proper that Mr. Felt's service be commemorated and honored by the Congress with the Resolution that I plan to introduce when Congress reconvenes next week.

"With this latest revelation, I am reminded that the lessons of Watergate are eerily important today. Back than we had an aggressive press corps, men of courage, such as Mark Felt, John Dean, Leon Jaworski and Archibald Cox, who were willing to challenge authority. Back then we had a Justice Department that was willing to take an investigation wherever it would lead and a Congress that was willing to hold real hearings and conduct real oversight of official misconduct.

"Today it is unclear who will step up to the plate to expose the wrongdoing of the current administration."

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