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Reid: Bush still a liar

In an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) re-asserts his reputation as an outspoken critic of the his political rivals.

In the interview, Reid claims that, "The nuclear option is history," whether Democrats filibuster or not. He goes on to explain that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was unable to take part in the compromise because he is, "Driven by ... right wing zealots".


On Frist, Reid elaborates: "I like him, but he hasn't been in government very long. ... Being a senator is about the art of compromise. That's what the filibuster is all about—it forces compromise. And if anyone feels that compromising is unethical, or immoral, then they should get in some other business—because that's what we do."

Reid attributes his style (which Rolling Stone refers to as "gunslinger,") in part to his days on the Nevada Gaming Commission. "It allows you to put things in perspective when there aren't bombs in your car, when your kids aren't being taken to school with armed guards, when you don't have to carry a gun every place you go. Those were some very frightening times in my life. In the Senate, I'm not worried about physical pain—just legislative pain."

Reid also sings the praises of some on the other side of the aisle: "The Republicans who signed that [filibuster] agreement, we should put up a statue to them someplace."

Most likely to cause a stir, however, is an exchange that concludes the interview:

RS: You've called Bush a loser.

HR: And a liar.

RS: You apologized for the loser comment.

HR: But never for the liar, have I?

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