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Radical Islam and Zionists: Two agendas that are against the U.S.

By Jeff Softley


The people of the United States need to assert their self-interest. Whether Republican or Democrat, or nonpartisan, all Americans must be for America first.

This means combating Islamic extremism that seeks to harm our country and kill Americans, but also peeling back the fingers of Zionist power from our country's government.

We must look past the cultural bias we might have against people unlike ourselves and mercilessly distill down to the truth of the facts in calculating our self-interest. It seems pretty clear what Israel gains through its relationship with the United States, but what do we get out of the relationship?

Islamic extremism does indeed have an agenda of imposing Islamic states all around the world. This is the pie-in-the-sky, most optimistic vision of the movement's leaders. They seek to topple governments by disrupting economies while creating fear through acts of terrorism. Zionists seek territory, power and control and brilliantly have used the United States to these ends for decades in the Middle East.

There are 1.3 billion Muslims (or more) in the world, and fewer than 20 million Jews, yet the Zionist alignment with the U.S. government has given the Zionists immeasurable power relative to their population. Perhaps 1 percent to 5 percent of Muslims are radicalized to the point that they openly support with words the Jihadist agenda of militant Islam.

Perhaps half of that number is willing to participate at some level in actual activities — from sending money to strapping a bomb onto themselves to blow up innocents. That is still a high number: 5-plus million people if we take just half of the 1 percent. That's a lot of radicalized Muslims to try to de-radicalize and/or fight in a "war on terror."

As for Zionists, it is a tiny percentage of radical Zionists who control the policy and agenda of the wider Jewish community throughout the world, but they do so very effectively. American Jews are faced with the, "You're not a real Jew if you don't live in Israel" line, and constantly are hit up for money to support the Jewish "homeland," which many of them never have seen and never plan to visit.

The issue of Jewish purity is used to keep Jews supporting the Zionist agenda, and some argue that the Holocaust and anti-Semitism have been used as convenient tools to further the Zionist objectives — both by freezing debate and criticism once the term "anti-Semite" is thrown in a critic's direction, and to further the image that somehow Jewish suffering in World War II and the Holocaust is worse than the suffering of others (for example: The genocide the Armenians suffered a century ago, Balkan residents suffered a mere decade ago, and that the Congolese suffer to this very day, with more than 3 million dead so far).

Private money from American Jews flows by the billions to Israel, and the so-called Jewish Lobby in the United States is arguably the most powerful in the country. Only the National Rifle Association and AARP seem as powerful as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The committee and other pro-Zionist organizations ensure that billions more dollars flow from U.S. taxpayers to Israel each year through outright grants and loan guarantees (which are rarely, if ever, paid back). It is U.S. weapons that are used by Israel to attack its chosen "enemies." United States-made Apache helicopters fired the missiles that recently killed Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin.

Israel is at the heart of the Middle East conflict and is, frankly, the primary causal agent for radical Islam. Whether from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya or other places that Islamic radicals began emerging in the past 30 to 40 years, they sound one recurrent note: anger about how Israel has treated the Palestinians.

They blame the United States for supporting and covering for Israel. Muslims tend to take a long-term view of things, so their view that the state of Israel is an affront to the region and its people and that they are categorically against it is not going to fade anytime soon.

Even if a deal had been struck when times were better for a "two-state" solution and the open warfare between Palestinians and Jews ended, the gnawing anger of most Muslims toward the creation of Israel in the first place (which forced out 700,000 Palestinians already living there) — to create a state for Jews by Jews - will not dissipate anytime soon. The rhetoric and propaganda of Islamic extremists harkens back to the Crusades, for crying out loud. These leaders are invoking battles a millennium old in their justifications for current terrorism.

Thus it is critical, now that Americans are dying due to this conflict, to coldly assess our self-interest. Clearly there is no reasoning with radical Islamists, so they must be fought by every means necessary.

Zionists are wholly consumed with their self-interest and do not care a whit that they drain money from the U.S. Treasury and the American people for their militarism and for the ability to kill Muslims — which only inflames the radical Islamists and general Muslim population against the United States.

Remember, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks right after Sept. 11? He called it "good" because it had the potential of making Americans identify with Israel's struggles (serving the Zionist self-interest).

The Israeli rhetoric has echoed these sentiments in its strategic, repetitive rhetorical attempts to wrap itself with the American flag ever since. An endless stream of pro-Zionist American neo-conservative commentators and Israeli Zionists pitch the "We're in this together" line.

The United States would not tolerate the type of murders and abuse of the Palestinian people that Israel engages in on a daily basis if this were any other part of the world.

Could you imagine us turning a blind eye to Arizona doing what Israel does to its minority Muslims to its Hopi population, or Canada to its French-speaking population, or Australia to its aboriginal population, or Turkey to the Kurds, or any state to a minority? Building barrier walls? Sniper towers aimed over neighborhoods? Bulldozing homes (and activists)? Refusal to let United Nations observers in? "Targeted killings" with our weapons? Israel's conduct is clearly on the plane of war crimes and genocidal in nature. And it does it from behind the more robust body of the United States, and lets the anger and bullets fly at us. Israel gets away with outrage after outrage, yet most Americans could not explain to you the meaning of the word Zionist and why it is distinct from the word Jew.

Most U.S. news coverage clearly is biased in favor of Israel, which is a subject for another column. The facts on the ground are these: According to a spokeswoman for the east Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, the Israeli army and paramilitary Jewish settlers have killed 263 Palestinian children from ages 0 through 14 and 236 minors from the ages of 15 through 18 during the ongoing intifadah.

The total number of Palestinians killed by Israel since the outbreak of the intifadah is estimated at 2,670. The figures for the injured and maimed are believed to be in the thousands. The number of Israelis killed by Palestinians during the same period is around 838, including soldiers, settlers and civilians. A poor, dispossessed people under military control are killed at a rate of 3-1 but are portrayed as the villains.

Most Americans have no clue what the conflict in the Mideast is all about, and that's just the way the Zionists like it. The bizarre alliance between U.S. Christian fundamentalists and the hard-line Ariel Sharon regime of radical Zionists illustrates the level of ignorance and how self-interest dictates what is unfolding. Fundamentalist Christians think that we are approaching End Times and that the Jews that convert will go to heaven, so it's useful to work with the hardliners now to move along the Rapture.

The Zionists probably laugh themselves to sleep at night over these suckers being so useful to them in the U.S. political scene, moving the Republican Party's base closer to the Israeli government position on all issues in the region. Much hay is made about Israel being "the only democracy in the region," but just how democratic is Israel when the laws there are blatantly discriminatory against non-Jews? Many call Israel an apartheid state and compare it to pre-Mandela South Africa.

Thus the time has come for the United States to take a long hard look at its own self-interest. The threat of terrorism is very real and we all know more attacks are coming our way. We must make the ice-cold calculation of costs and benefits and positives and negatives. The United States must seek out and destroy all terrorists that wish to cause harm and death to U.S. citizens, and this means 100 percent commitment to destroying radical Islamic groups bent on harming the United States.

But — and this is critical — Israel must be acknowledged as the key to the whole problem and Israel must be brought to heel by the United States for the sake of the security of the American people. The radical Zionists who run Israel don't seem to care how much danger their actions create for Americans. Their ongoing escalation of the tensions with the Palestinians and the wider Islamic world help only their strategic military objectives, and has no benefits for the United States.

The United States now runs a big trade deficit with Israel ($6 billion this year) but won't let U.S. companies compete for contracts there in a fair way (according the U.S. undersecretary of commerce in recent remarks). Israel illegally targeted a U.S. warship during an earlier war. Israel has the biggest "friendly" spy network in the United States, according to our State Department. Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard committed the greatest single act of espionage against the United States (according to former U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger).

Israel now is going to commit assassinations against Americans on U.S. soil (according to the Mossad's new leader in remarks to UPI news). Israel takes billions a year from U.S. taxpayers. Israel is implicated in selling our military technology to China and other potential U.S. enemies. In short, Israel is not a real friend of the United States. In fact, it is not a friend at all. Israel uses the United States for its own self-interest only. I ask again, what benefit does the United States gain from the relationship?

On the day of the assassination of Yassin with a U.S.-made Apache helicopter, the Israeli foreign minister was allowed to speak from the driveway of the White House.

This image proved the Bush administration's feeble condemnation of the attack — National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice saying the administration "did not know in advance" and "didn't give permission" — were lies. If the Bush administration had any real problem with the attack, it would have canceled the foreign minister's meeting and certainly never would have let him speak about the attack from the White House.

The people of the United States must demand of our leaders that the nation pursue its OWN self-interest and not continue to be played by Israel to fight its wars, nor combat Islamic terrorism through Israel's strategic lens and broad military plan. The American people need to ignore the strategic word "anti-Semite" when it is clearly deployed for political effect.

Many Zionists have used the term "anti-Semite" as a strategic political weapon to freeze opponents of their policies. Americans who care about their country and the future of this world that is faced with an ongoing war on terror must look at the world with clear eyes and not be manipulated by self-interested Zionists who use that word. If you are a bigot and hate Jews, then you are a bigot that hates Jews. If you do not have any animosity toward Jews, as I do not, but have reservations or serious disagreement with Zionist objectives, then those two words can be so much noisy air.


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