GROUND XERO: Live from L.A. 
Galactic fiesta: One scientist's view of 9/11

By Xanadu Xero


“‘All of us are in the gutter… but some of us are looking at the stars.’ What’s wrong with that quote?” Terry leans back, eyes galvanic. 

I’m a blank. “It’s pretentious?”

“What’s wrong with the quote is that it states as a given that we are all in the gutter! We are not. That belief system will soon be destroyed.” Terry pauses, and pops a mint. “We are below nothing, indivisible from God. The time has come to fulfill our destiny, to become full-blown angels with physical form. I’m here to say that there is hope. Earth’s quarantine is over, and we are ready to rejoin the Galactic Federation.” 

Now I’ve egged on daft New Age lingo-slinging for sport for years, but this was a thing apart. Terry is a real, live rocket scientist, part of a badass elite R&D team for the Department of Defense. Weirdly, he is also tall, fit, handsome and charming. He has a happy home life. Not a quark of greasy psycho-geek here. 

He shows me some colorized, airbrushed photos of Mars that were released to the public… and the actual photos with blue rocks blast from the planet’s core dotting a landscape with sky and dirt just like earth’s. “I understand there are some views with archaeological remnants,” Terry says. “And evidence of tides. This feeds right into 9/11.”  

Say, uh, what?

Terry, low, “You need to help me spread the truth.” Well, why the hell not? So I present, for your consideration,  9/11/2001. The ‘truth.’

According to Terry, President Clinton signed a bill in March 2000 that was to be implemented that October. It is called NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It was assembled by the Supreme Court in 1993 after it saw proof that U.S. banks and their lovers, the government, were fraudulently foreclosing on farm mortgages.

Congress was ordered to deny all knowledge of NESARA, and records were sealed. Here are its main points:  

* Forgiveness of all credit card debt, mortgage debt and unpaid bank loans to address hundreds of years of bank/government fraud.
* Abolishment of the IRS.
* Re-creation a gold-backed monetary system.
* Restoration of the original Constitutional Law.
And, the Money Shot… 

* The resignation of the President and Vice-President. They will be replaced by NESARA committee designates until new elections, within six months. The president-designate will immediately declare peace and the U.S. will withdraw from all aggressive military action.
The complex undertaking of announcing NESARA to the world and preparing the global follow-up shoved its planned ignition time into the Bush administration. There, the Darkness began… Now pardon me, I must digress. If you thought the preceding was your required Leap Of Faith, you, dawgs, were mistaken. This is:

The Bush family is part of the Illuminati, a hybrid race of humans and reptilian extraterrestrials. The Illuminati are of the Dark – those who serve only themselves. They have secret rituals that ‘rewire’ energy fields and weaken our souls into subjugation. Au contraire the Light, beings human and beyond, exist to serve others.

On their front burners, right here right now, is project Earth, a march to re-unify our world with the Galactic Federation. The Federation is like a bent time and space Interdime nsional Rave. All beings/spirits/planets/matter intra-cosmically party hard in the God consciousness. Ecstacy ain’t no stinkin’ drug here, but a norm.  

Earth has been a lonely wallflower o’er these last few million years. This is because of an ancient global war between ‘offworlders’ and earthlings, who were, then, all Dark. The earth was scorched and quarantined from the Federation because of the poisonous war fallout.  

As the planet healed, it was ‘reseeded’ to bring back life. It has taken ‘till now to evolve up to snuff. We technically re-joined the Galactic Federation back in ’94, but the logistics weren’t ready. The Light were anchored in place in 2001, and ready to kick some serious Illuminati ass. Okay?

So… President Bush was never thrilled about NESARA. Actually, his Dad was never thrilled so Min i Me followed suit. Yet the horse of fate had left the barn. NESARA’s momentum was out of the Illuminati’s hands.  At 10 A.M. EST, on September 11, 2001 Alan Greenspan and two Supreme Court justices were set to announce NESARA, elevate humanity and change the world.

On the night of September 10, George senior moved into the White House to steer his lad through their blocking plan. (Note: Alan Greenspan is a good guy? If anyone ever looked like a nasty little reptile…)

9/11 was an inside job, designed to thwart the liberation of our people. Dick Cheney made sure our defense systems were down. There was no ‘malfunction.’ G.W. kept on reading to those schoolkids when he ‘got the first news’ to make an epic cosmic tragedy seem like no big deal.

The videos we saw of the Twin Towers’ collapse were doctored. Implosion bombs went off micro-se conds before the crashes. Why the World Trade Center? The NESARA computers were housed in the North Tower. Why the one section Pentagon crash? The NESARA files were stored there.  

“Well, son-of-a-bitch Terry, now what?” I yelled in response to this searing cliffhanger. I was on the edge of my seat in twelve dimensions of simultaneous lives. 

Terry stared intensely through and beyond my eyes. I swear that I went into an altered state. “NESARA will be announced within 120 days. No further disasters will happen. The Galactic Forces of Light are prepared for anything. Five hundred million motherships surround the Earth right now.” He grinned, “its showtime.” 

I dearly hope that I see you at a Federation rave. I’ll bring the guacamole.


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