The pace of the investigations into Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election in Georgia was harshly criticized on CNN on Friday by a former federal prosecutor.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the special grand jury will be busy in June and July.

“There’s a possibility that after two months we’ll have all the information we need to press forward. There’s a possibility that after week one that some appellate issue will come and there’s a halt,” she said. “But what I do think is within a year we will have all the information that we need.”

That was too slow for former federal prosecutor and CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig.

"The pace of this case is just impossible for me to understand or explain," Honig said.

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"I cannot understand why it is taking this long. If this is a crime — this was interfering with a presidential election, this is a very serious crime — we're already a year plus out," he explained. "Now they are talking about not really getting geared up until this summer, a year and a half out?"

"And later in those remarks, the D.A.. said it might take another year from there," he noted. "Two and a half years out to charge this case? I can't understand what's going on. Either the D.A. doesn't want to make a decision, the D.A. wants to drag this out, but there is simply no excuse for this case to take, potentially two, two and a half years."

"The lack of urgency is completely impossible to reconcile with the seriousness of the potential crime here," Honig added.


Slow pace of Georgia investigation into Trump stuns ex-prosecutor: ‘simply no excuse’