Far-right GOP congressional candidate lobs ageist insult at opponent while running to represent The Villages
Trump-loving GOP candidate goes down in flames when reporter corners her on her own frivolous lawsuit

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that Laura Loomer, a far-right pro-Trump activist trying to win the nomination for Florida's 11th Congressional District, attacked the incumbent congressman for his age — seemingly forgetting what district she's running to represent.

"Now in her second bid for Congress, this time in a primary fight against Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL), Loomer has found a new oddball line of attack. Her opponent, she claims, is so feeble he wears a Life Alert necklace with a button to alert emergency responders if he has a fall," reported Will Sommer. "'We don’t need members of Congress who are walking around wearing Life Alert necklaces, too sick to vote,' Loomer told The Daily Beast, citing a picture she claims shows Webster wearing the necklace. Despite Loomer’s insistence, though, there’s substantial evidence that Webster isn’t wearing a Life Lock necklace. Instead, he appears to be wearing a personal air ionizer, a device intended to purify the air around him."

Regardless, this is an unusual choice of attack in a congressional district that includes The Villages, an infamous, sprawling retirement community that backed former President Donald Trump roughly 2 to 1, and has been compared to a "benign dictatorship" for elderly Republicans.

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Loomer, an alt-right activist who has promoted hate speech against Muslims and gained national attention for chaining herself to the door of Twitter's New York office while wearing a Star of David after her account was banned, previously ran for Florida's 21st District in 2020, a heavily Democratic district in West Palm Beach which also happens to be where Trump's Mar-a-Lago country club is. She lost that race to incumbent Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel by 20 points, although she has claimed, with absolutely no evidence, that she actually won and the election was "stolen."

According to the report, Loomer's antics as she runs for office could "burn bridges" with Republican officials.

"She’s dubbed the Conservative Political Action Conference, which she was banned from after harassing reporters, 'CringePAC,'" said the report. "Loomer has also attacked freshman Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), who has been embraced by Republican bigwigs as a symbol of a more diverse Republican Party. In Telegram posts, Loomer has said that Republican leaders were parading Flores like a 'neon piñata' and accused Flores, who is Mexican-American, of harboring secret loyalties to Mexico. 'She has got to be one of the dumbest new members of congress,' Loomer wrote in a Telegram post. 'She spoiled faster than a gallon of milk.'"