Feds sue politician for threatening to deport employees who cooperated with investigators: report
Office of Councilman Sean Loloee

Sacramento City Councilman Sean Loloee was sued by the federal government for threatening to deport employees who cooperated with investigators looking into his show.

"The lawsuit, filed April 1 in federal court in Sacramento by the U.S. Department of Labor, also claims Loloee underpaid employees, employed minors in hazardous occupations, and interfered with multiple federal investigations spanning over a decade," the Sacramento Bee reported.

On Wednesday, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg called for an investigation into whether Loloee actually lives where he claims he does.

"Labor officials sought the new suit against the business and Loloee, who is the sole shareholder, after having determined in other cases he had violated labor law. Officials made clear they were concerned past actions weren’t deterrents for the businessman, who also represents portions of North Sacramento on the council," the newspaper reported. "The lawsuit names 66 employees, and alleges violations at four Viva Supermarket stores: Rancho Cordova, Dixon and the two locations in the low-income North Sacramento district he represents — one in Del Paso Heights and one on Norwood Avenue."

Lolee is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed.

"Loloee has employed at least five workers under the age of 18 to load and operate an industrial cardboard baler, and to clean meat slicers and meat grinders, which are considered hazardous pieces of equipment, the lawsuit alleges. He’s also employed children under 16 and had them work more than three hours a day when school was in session, and in excess of 18 hours a week — another violation of federal labor laws, the lawsuit alleges," the newspaper reported. "When the coronavirus pandemic struck, Loloee failed to provide paid sick leave to employees who were experiencing COVID-19 symptoms — a violation of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, the lawsuit alleges."

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