WATCH: School board member unloads on anti-maskers after they accuse her of supporting 'evil'

A school board member for Florida's Brevard County School District this week unloaded on anti-maskers who singled her out during a public meeting.

Florida Today reports that Brevard County District 3 representative Jennifer Jenkins quickly grew impatient during a school board meeting when a members of a right-wing group called Moms for Liberty confronted her over her declaration that it was no longer worth debating mandating face masks for school students.

"We will not stop talking about this just because you all think we shouldn't be," one Moms for Liberty member scolded her during the meeting.

Jenkins, however, was ready to hit back at her critics, including a founder of the group who had described her efforts to mandate face masks as "evil."

"When we continue to make points that masks are not effective, my response will be, we shouldn't be talking about this anymore," she said. "I listened to [Moms for Liberty Founder Tina Descovich] say she is fighting against evil, that we are evil. Again, practice what you preach. This is not about politics. This is about keeping people safe."

Watch the video below.