Anti-Trump group hilariously mocks Matt Gaetz for being the epitome of a ‘Florida man’

The anti-Trump organization The Lincoln Project, started by Republican consultants and commentators, crafted a new video hilariously mocking Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

In the video, the group took remarks Gaetz made at the CPAC event in Florida this year, in which the congressman explained that he's constantly the victim of the so-called "deep state" and a "marked man" by some unnamed group. But at his heart, Gaetz said that he's a "Florida man."

That's when the video goes through the laundry list of hilarious stories that follow the "Florida man" meme. The Florida man stories began in 2013, according to Wikipedia, with a Twitter account that promoted hilariously weird stories about men in Florida doing bizarre things that ends either with them in jail or injured as a result of their stupidity.

See the hilarious video below: