The signatures of voters living in high rise towers and apartment buildings in South Florida whose registration was changed to Republican "appeared noticeably different than on paperwork those same voters signed earlier," WUFT reports.

"The signature comparisons, performed this week in Miami as journalists from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications investigated possible voter registration fraud, found that some past and present signatures showed obvious differences in size of letters, and strokes and flourishes of individual elements of names," WUFT's report stated. "The review focused on paperwork for a small sample of a dozen voters who said in interviews that their party affiliation was changed to Republican despite never submitting the changes themselves, not approving anyone else to do so or not realizing it was done."

The questionable signatures suggest that unidentified canvassers back in November may have changed the party affiliation of mostly elderly, Hispanic voters living in public housing without their permission. Investigations into the matter show the suspicious activity extended to at least 20 more high-density, residential buildings over a five-mile area, and revealed that "voters in nearly two dozen buildings in a six-mile radius had their party registration changed to Republican at rates more than 10 times the statewide average during the past year," according to WUFT.

The handwriting on the registration forms appeared to match those on other forms submitted during the period, showing that at least two people with distinctive writing styles may have been the ones making the changes.

“We didn’t know because we are old,” Barbara Roche, 72, said. “If we hadn’t seen the news about it, we wouldn’t have even known. I don’t know what’s happening with this country.”

After a lifelong Democrat was shocked to find in December 2021 that her voter registration showed her political affiliation as Republican, the Republican Party of Florida send out a statement claiming that it "conducts its voter registration operation in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Voters are free to register to a political party at anytime or may choose not join a political party at all. It is up to the individual to decide. At no time was this voter registration changed without the registrant’s permission; she filled the application out herself and signed the document as the process requires."

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