Florida teen insists he’s the real victim after getting arrested for shooting strangers with a gel-ball gun

The latest viral social media trend got a Florida teenager arrested and charged after he allegedly shot people with an Orbeez gun. But according to the teen, police are overreacting, WESH-2 reports.

Orbeez guns are toys that shoot soft gel pellets. In some instances, teens are creating teams and going out and ambushing each other with the guns and posting videos of the ambushes to social media. But 19-year-old Tommy Moore says he and some friends were driving when someone yelled something derogatory at them, prompting him to fire a pellet at the person.

“A cop pulls out in front of us, flicks his lights on and cuts out in front of us, hops out with a gun pointed at the car and then two more cops pull up behind the truck,” Moore recalled. “And they point guns at us and tell us to get out.”

“It’s a toy gun. You can buy it at Wal-Mart, you can buy it at 12 years old – it’s a toy,” Moore said. “And they are arresting you for playing with a toy.”

But Clearwater Police Department spokesman Rob Shaw says that if people engage in this "dangerous behavior, you deserve to go to jail."

“The last thing we want is to have is someone innocent walking down the street, injured by some individual’s ridiculous shenanigans," Shaw said.

Moore says he plans to fight the charges in court.

“I’m gonna kind of make this a big deal in court, and somewhat fight it,” Moore said. “Because I don’t think it’s right, I got arrested for playing with something you can literally buy at Wal-Mart at 12 years old. It’s a toy. It says right on the box it’s a toy.”

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