A Florida woman faces hate crime charges after claiming "reverse discrimination" — then using a screwdriver to slash the tires of her Hispanic neighbors, according to police.

Michelle Denise Spankie of Fruitland Park, who previously was arrested after refusing to turn down loud music in 2019, called 911 a total of 10 times on Aug. 28 to make noise complaints about her neighbors, according to a report from Villages-News.com.

"This is reverse discrimination and God forbid anyone say anything to these Hispanics," Spankie told a dispatcher, adding she was "tired of all the noise" and "these Mexicans can do whatever they want."

Spankie "would not stop mentioning her being white and the people with the loud music being Hispanic as the problem," according to the dispatcher.

She then used the flathead screwdriver to puncture the tires on two vehicles belonging to her neighbors, who told police she had been "harassing them due to their race and ethnicity" and had "driven by their residence and stopped to take pictures of them multiple times."

In 2019, Spankie was tasered twice when police forcibly entered her home after she refused to turn down loud music that was disturbing the entire neighborhood, Villages-News.com reported. Spankie struggled with deputies outside as they attempted to restrain her — striking an officer in the face, with her dog biting one in the biceps — before fleeing inside her home. However, charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest were later dropped.

Spankie turned herself in Monday on the new charge — felony criminal mischief enhanced by the commission of a hate crime — before posting $5,000 bond.

'These Mexicans can do whatever they want': Florida woman claims 'reverse discrimination' before sla youtu.be