‘Fox & Friends’ furious over new House rules on gender neutral terms: ‘Does congresswoman change to congress?’
Ainsley Earhardt 'Fox and Friends' (Screen Grab)

The co-hosts at "Fox & Friends" are furious over a small portion of the new rules the U.S. House of Representatives adopted on Monday: using gender-neutral language to promote diversity and inclusion.

But the Fox News morning crew got it all wrong – including in the chyron that falsely promoted it as an attack on the American family. "New House rules eliminates [sic] gendered family terms," it read:

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt told her colleagues, "if it's 'ombudsman,' change it to 'omsbud.' Don't add the 'man,'" she said, which is false and also the wrong pronunciation of the actual base of the word.

"My question yesterday when we were in a break," Earhardt said, actually promoting her ignorance, "I said, 'Does that mean 'congresswoman' needs to change to 'congress'? Is she 'Congress Pelosi' now?"

Brian Kilmeade jumped in to agree.

"Yea, you can't get – that's gender-specific, 'congresswoman.'"

Steve Doocey corrected them both.

"Congress member," he informed them in a two-word rebuke.

Kilmeade, perpetually outraged, misled Fox News viewers, suggesting that adopting new rules is not something every new Congress does. He insisted Congress should instead focus on the slow rollout of the coronavirus vaccinations, and getting new vaccines approved – both of which are not in Congress' purview. Adopting new rules, however, is something every new Congress does, just as it votes to elect Speaker of the House.

"Where does this stuff come from and how could this be the first thing on your agenda?" Kilmeade, apoplectic and almost yelling, complained.

He also falsely claimed the new rules were part of an "agenda," exploding over the addition of the move to a more inclusive tone.

"Who's agenda is this?" Kilmeade demanded to know.