Fox News hosts fret over 'woke' liberal plot to turn Mother's Day into 'Birthing People's Day'
Fox News/screen grab

The hosts of Fox & Friends expressed concern on Sunday that liberals are plotting to turn Mother's Day into "Birthing People's Day."

"If you're a lefty, it might be happy Birthing People's Day," Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth announced. "Seriously! This is Democrats -- the new phrase they want to use is, you're not a mother. Nope! Done! You're a birthing person."

Hegseth pointed to a House committee hearing where the phrase "birthing people" was used on at least two occasions. However, the terms "mothers" and "moms" were also used.

Co-host Jedidiah Bila echoed the remarks of Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), who lashed out at "woke" liberals over the phrase.

"I could not agree more," Bila said. "Let me tell you something. I birthed a baby. I am a mom. I am proud of myself. I am always astonished at my body. I'm like, you know what? We're super heroes. We women are super heroes for being able to do that. I want proper credit."

Hegseth recalled that he had once tried to experience the pain of childbirth during a Fox & Friends segment in 2019.

"Thank God for women," co-host Lawrence Jones said. "God designed them to give birth because, whew, I can do a lot of things. I don't think that's for me."

"Yep," Bila agreed. "We have a higher pain tolerance. And I did it without drugs."

"But I'm officially a birthing person," Hegseth noted. "Next time someone tells you that, tell them you're insane! They are moms and they give birth."

Watch the video below from Fox News.