Fox News is directly responsible for the decline of America over the last 25 years: MSNBC anchor
Sean Hannity speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Fox News was blasted for a quarter century of right-wing propaganda during a hard-hitting segment that aired Friday on MSNBC.

"Tonight, the undeniable evidence that Fox News is the real source of America's rising rage," anchor Chris Hayes said.

"There is a direct pipeline from what appears on Fox News to the absolute worst manifestations, worst behavior, worst elements of our politics in society. Input to output, clear and strong connection," Hayes said.

"Just take a step back and survey the wreckage at the current moment, this unprecedented era in American politics. The first president without any meaningful political or military experience. The first president impeached twice. The first deadly insurrection which tried to interrupt the transfer of power and overthrow the duly elected government since, basically, the cannons firing at Fort Sumter during the Civil War," Hayes said. "We have experienced all of that."

"How did we get here? The answer is in large part Fox News," Hayes said.

He said Trump's "racism, his nativism, his authoritarian aspirations are almost entirely a creation of Fox News."

Hayes recounted Fox's actions after 9/11 with their outrage at the Dixie Chicks and "freedom fries" and the racist birtherism smear of Barack Obama.

"All this was fueled by Fox News and the perpetual conservative outrage machine," Hayes explained. "And it's not just speculation, there's been studies done on this. Studies that determined Fox News is a real motivating factor in American politics."

The network has proven it has a firm grip on the Republican Party, especially at the state level.

"Elected Republicans obviously use Fox to disseminate pro-party propaganda. We also cannot ignore the reverse wag-the-dog reality where increasingly, Republican politicians are themselves avid Fox viewers," he explained. "That's where they get their information, they follow the network's lead."

"This is where both the modern enterprise of Fox News and the conservative movement more broadly have ended up: the most acute threat to American democracy we have seen in 150 years," Hayes said. "So happy 25th anniversary, guys. You did it!"


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