Fox News host on America's uninsured: ‘We all have healthcare in this country’
Fox News screengrab.

Republicans have been seeking to turn emails from Dr. Tony Fauci into such a large scandal that one Fox News host on Thursday claimed that it was better to be uninsured than to receive government health insurance.

As the Fox News program "The Five" was discussing impeaching Barack Obama, host Dagen McDowell declared that government run health care proposals are "dead" because of the emails, which were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Host Jessica Tarlov replied that having Medicare is better than being uninsured.

"People without insurance would still prefer that," Tarlov noted.

"No, they wouldn't," McDowell said, with a smile.

And even after more than a year of a pandemic revealing health care disparities in America, McDowell absurdly stated, "we all have healthcare in this country."

Despite the claims by McDowell, Medicare for All received warm support at a 2019 Fox News town hall meeting.