Fox News host accuses Democrats of using public schools to push ‘race warfare’ and ‘revolution’
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld (Screen Grab)

Influential Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is accusing Democrats of engaging in "an insidious transfer of power" by using America's public school system to indoctrinate children in "race warfare" and an "ideology" of "hate" that sees the country as "systemically racist and corrupt."

Gutfeld, host of the conservative cable channel's late night show "Gutfeld!" is also co-host of "The Five." He is reportedly viewed by five million Americans daily and last year was ranked the twelfth most influential person in American media.

"There's a -- what you're seeing is an insidious transfer of power," Gutfeld, baselessly attacking Democrats, told his co-hosts, as Media Matters reports. "The same people that demand removal, say of the Pledge of Allegiance, embraces this kind of progressive propaganda as a replacement."

There is no national movement to ban the Pledge of Allegiance. A four-year old petition demanding a ban on "the compulsory recitation in public schools of the pledge of allegiance by anyone under the age of 18" has received seven signatures. Reuters reported in 2020 on a satirical website that claimed, jokingly, that Democrats had included a law banning the Pledge of Allegiance into an aid package.

The "progressive propaganda" is CRT, critical race theory, which the right has been falsely claiming for close to a year is "taught" in many public schools.

"So, in that framing, you see that they don't want children paying respect to the country, they want you to -- they want the children to pay respect to an ideology that sees that the country is systemically racist and corrupt," he continued. "That's the path towards revolution. It's no longer class warfare, it's race warfare and it's a complete switch from -- this is what scares me the most about this. What does it do to the brain of children when you switch from gratitude to hate?"