'Where is Joe Biden?' Fox News host blames Biden after scuffle at NYC restaurant
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News co-host Kacie McDonnel suggested that President Joe Biden was to blame for a scuffle that occurred at a New York City restaurant.

According to reports, a tourist from Texas began punching a hostess on Thursday after she asked for proof of vaccination.

McDonnel reacted to the incident on Tuesday by faulting Biden.

"Are we in college again with fake IDs and fake vax cards and you create this almost demand for it," she opined. "So you have the hostess or the manager at the restaurant policing the patrons. They're at work. They're trying to make a living. They're trying to make up for this last year of loss. And in turn, you have patrons who want to have a little sense of normalcy."

"Where is Joe Biden's unity?" McDonnel asked. "What has humanity come to? I mean, it's hard to watch this."

Watch the video below from Fox News.