'Completely idiotic': Fox & Friends shredded for pushing phony Kamala Harris story even after being debunked
Fox and Friends

The hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday continued to push a phony story about Vice President Kamala Harris's book being handed out to migrant children even after it had been debunked.

A New York Post report from last week falsely claimed that migrant children being housed in Long Beach, California were each being given a copy of Harris's children's book, titled "Superheroes Are Everywhere," as part of their welcome kits.

The Washington Post reached out to officials in Long Beach, however, and found that "Harris's book is not being handed out in welcome kits," and in reality the New York Post's story was based on "a single copy of the book" that "was donated during a citywide donation drive."

Despite this, "Fox & Friends" continued to raise questions about whether Harris was personally profiting off the single book that was donated to one migrant shelter in one city.

"I think the question was if the government was paying for the book," said co-host Steve Doocy. "It sounds like a third party, an NGO is buying them, perhaps."

In reality, no one is "buying" the Harris book to give to migrant kids, as the story was based entirely around a single donation.

Washington Post reporter Philip Bump, reacting to "Fox & Friends" continuing to push false stories debunked by his own newspaper, called the segment "completely idiotic."

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