Fox News pundit: The left is being ‘very puritanical’ about Matt Gaetz sex scandal
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News contributor Kat Timpf on Sunday suggested liberals were being "puritanical" for expressing outrage about sex scandals involving Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

During an appearance on Fox News, Timpf observed that the Gaetz scandal has "everything."

"It's got sex, it's got drugs, it has Matt Gaetz, who is a very polarizing figure and he's a very staunch supporter of Donald Trump so people either really love him or they really hate him," she opined.

"But I think it's been really interesting," the Fox News pundit continued. "If buying expensive gifts for women and sleeping with them -- that isn't illegal. We still need to figure out exactly, there are receipts coming in, we still need to figure out more about what happened."

Timpf added: "But it's been interesting to see some in the media on the left who normally wouldn't be so puritanical about something like that, being very puritanical and not just look at following the facts of it. Which again, it's bizarre so it's hard to know what those are."

Timpf later clarified on Twitter that she believes the sex trafficking allegations are "gross."

Watch the video below from Fox News.