'Stop trying to colonize our culture': Fox News pundit loses it over mention of 'stolen land' at Thanksgiving
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News contributors Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed liberals this week after one educator encouraged Thanksgiving lessons on the mistreatment of Native Americans.

During a Wednesday segment on Fox News, guest host Tammy Bruce complained after Washington, D.C. public school Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee recently suggested that terms like genocide, ethnic cleansing and "stolen land" should be used at Thanksgiving gatherings.

"Will you be taking the chancellor's advice?" Bruce asked Duffy. "Are you going to be talking about those things like genocide?"

"Stop trying to colonize our culture!" Duffy exclaimed. "You're trying to demonize our history and our founding, trying to make us feel bad about ourselves. I'm sick of it."

"If these people really believed in this garbage, when have they given up their wealth or their land or their jobs and given it back to native people?" he continued. "This is all meaningless garbage to try to change our culture."

Duffy said that aunts and uncles should take it upon themselves to teach kids the "true history" of the United States.

"There is just so much historical ignorance," Campos-Duffy agreed. "I mean, you cannot leave your children's history up to these cultural Marxists."

Watch the video below from Fox News.