CNN anchor blasts Fox News for ‘Tuckerizing’ their network with ridiculous lies

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar on Friday blasted Fox News for the increasingly unhinged behavior by Tucker Carlson.

Keilar's comments came after Carlson imagined a Pentagon conspiracy against him after he attacked the troops this week.

"Tucker Carlson's predictable play would be to make this about free speech," Keilar said. "Well, he is free to say whatever the hell he wants. He is free to wake up and figure out who he wants to insult and what nutso thing he wants to rant about to get the attention he seems to need."

"But keep in mind, the highest rated show on the network is Carlson's -- he is Fox," she explained. "And as Fox tries to right its ratings ship, it's Tuckerizing its other programming as well."

"Lachlan Murdoch said out loud that his network would be the 'loyal opposition' to the Biden administration. Well is he cool with his top-rated host acting like the loyal opposition to rank-and-file of the U.S. military that the network says it champions?" she wondered.

"What say you Fox?" Keilar asked.

"You come to the aid of convicted war criminals but denigrate honorable female service members? We tried to find out more about this contradiction from Fox, they have had more than 24 hours to respond to our questions, and they have not. But Tucker Carlson's comments stand out this week because of the two women who just became four-star generals and you don't get four-star female generals unless you can keep women in the military," she explained. "And you can't do that in big enough numbers unless you make it possible for them to have a family and the things that come along with having kids, like childcare, and uniforms and body armor that fits."